Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CEO, David Conner, explains OCBC's system outage on 13 Sep 2011

As the holder of one OCBC Visa card, I received this email from OCBC yesterday evening on behalf of the good man.

Dear Customer,

I owe you an explanation of what caused our systems to go down last week along with an update as to where we are now.

Since cutting over to our back-up system mid-day on Tuesday, 13 September, our information technology team focused their efforts on identifying the root cause of the technical problem which caused our banking channels to go down from 9:00 am for more than three hours - services were restored progressively from 12.20 pm and were fully operational by 1.00 pm. Our team was determined to find and fix the problem so as to ensure there would be no repeat channel outage.

After reviewing several possible causes, the team isolated a network device that did not function well. This device acted in combination with a parameter setting in the main banking system to trigger a suspension of the system’s network communications. This situation in turn affected our ATM network, branches, and internet and mobile banking channels island wide.

Our team took the time to identify the fault, simulate it and repeat the simulation to confirm that they had indeed identified the exact cause of the technical problem. This deliberate process was followed so as to ensure that we rectified the problem correctly and, in so doing, would prevent any future recurrence.

After implementing the repair, our team tested our main system thoroughly to ensure that it was working well and then returned our technology operations from our backup system to our main system over this past weekend.

The service outage did not meet our commitment of having our channels operating for you at all times. This is unacceptable. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience that this incident caused you.

I am grateful for your patience and understanding during the time our systems were down and thank you for banking with OCBC.
Yours sincerely

David Conner, CEO

Who could hold a grudge against OCBC with such a letter written? Perhaps it was easy for me to say as I was not affected by the downtime at all, however he was sincere and admitted to the company's mistake to the point he knew it was unacceptable. Let's hope that such a incident will not happen again or it would definately tarnish OCBC's trust and David Conner's name.

Anyone out there affected by the OCBC downtime in Singapore?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One of my newest favorite sites to find information on Wushu -

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

It's rather timely that as I had just finished reading 'Steve Jobs iLeadership', my business idol had just resigned as Apple CEO yesterday.

Although no reasons were cited, it should be rather obvious that Steve Job's resignation could be due to his dramatic fight with cancer and the even more recent relapse. It's hard to imagine that a man so visionary and great as him was obliged to leave his beloved company as CEO the second time, when it is at its peak. It would be of no wonder should Apple's stocks plunge after Steve Job resign, the same way it did when rumours of his cancer spread.

Reading Steve Job's bibliographical book had proven to be a great insight into the world, vision and struggles of a highly successful and dedicated man. Steve Jobs is one who would stop at nothing for excellence, and that's how consumers could get our hands one great consumer products like the Mac and iPhone. Steve Jobs have proven that you do not need many varieties in the product line. Just two great products and it is enough to revolutionise the world.

Because of his passion and persuasion power, Steve Jobs could win over anybody he want and that is how he managed to get all the talents in the world to work for him. Apple did not have the power, Steve Jobs did. And I do hope that Tim Cook had absorbed all of Steve Job's essence.

With Steve Job's resignation, once again Apple would feel like a presence is missing among their midst, but Steve Job's legend would definitely go on.

P.S. I am at City Hall Starbucks typing this and I just first hand witnessed how two individuals, one using a MacBook Pro and one holding a iPad started connecting simply by smiling at each other's Apple product. And I, just sitting around the same table (it's crowded today) using my Toshiba netbook, was left out. They began talking since 10mins ago, and are still talking now.

It is the sense of common identity that Steve Jobs had created. Simply Awesome

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Donald Trump & Bill Zanker : THINK BIG Chapt 4 - 6

I'm actually done through all 10 chapters of 'Think Big' and am left with the appendix with covers commonly asked questions, during the Learning Annex by bill Zanker I reckon.

Donald Trump talked about 'Luck' in 'Think Big' chapter 4. Being a christian, I view luck in a different way. Luck in any form is a blessing from God. As God is always fair, humans are all born equal in the sense that if you are blessed with more, be it good looks or good brains, you are expected to do more and contribute more to Christ and mankind. Being mentally handicap could also be a blessing as what some people often say - they are not bothered by worldly prodlems and can do whatever they like. It's really subjective for humans to judge. I guess it all depend on one's outlook. For one, I would love to be a actress but my looks will never get me into Hollywood. However, I am glad I am born with better brains to think big and a hardworking mindset to make it happen, a compensation I think enough to get me far in some other ways.

' Good Luck happens when opportunity meets preparations' - Think Big Chap 4
As described in 'Think Big', alot of people see successful people and all they see is the end result. they do not see all the hard work that there successful people have put behind in getting where they are now. Sure they are blessed with good brains but good brains without any work won't get anyone far. I am sure we all know that Tiger Woods did not swing a golf ball into a hole on his first try. He had worked very hard from a very young age to get where he was (until his sex-addict was revealed).

'Think Big' reminds me that success have to be worked for. It does not come in a day or a month. It may come faster if I work harder, but not right now. I've got to be patient and focused and work hard for it. I can pray for more blessings but it is really up to God if I am worthy of the blessing. All I am doing is to prepare myself for an opportunity that may come to me - that is only if I work hard. As what Donald Trump in 'Think Big' advises - I ignore what I lack - the good looks, and focus on what I have - good brains. It's all over if we dwell on the negative. We all have to make it happen ourselves.

' Do not be afraid to take chances' - Think Big Chap 4

Well I think this is really the point I have to really absorb. Doing internet marketing is all about taking chances I must say. Because all transactions is through the net and there is really no way to ensure that the party at the other end receiving the payment would deliver the goods or service. I almost had one mischance, fortunately I always make sure that I go through a third party payment company like paypal, therefore BF and I could appeal for a dispute and the goods was sent over within a week. I can only take precautions but because I don't know th eperson on the receiving end, I have to take the chance or I'll never know if the chance is real or not. I only know that if it's real, I won't want to miss it!

'Get people to respect you' - Think Big Chap 5

That's why I prefer to stay professional. I was at a club yesterday meeting some camp juniors. My ex who was my senior in the same camp as I went about telling the juniors that I can't take more than a can of beer. I'll simply concuss. I really disliked that and I hope he reads this blog. It makes people think I am weak and laugh. It's disrespectful. For one it is NOT true and I take wine and hard liquor which has even higher alcoholic level. Even if it were true, I do not need a loud hailer announcing my weakness. I did not want to raise my voice at him in front of the younger ones yesterday, but if it were to happen again, I'll make sure he takes my stand. We are good friends and if you are reading this, I hope you understand and respect me. I can't have people thinking I am weak and making a joke out of me. I hate it.

'Revenge' - Think Big Chap 6

In this chapture in Think Big, basically Donal Trump is trying to tell the whole world that it is important and satisfying to take revenge. It makes him happy and he even go so far as to teach how one should take revenge. This is one I can't bring myself to do it. I can't even stand up for myself sometimes!

I don't think I will learn what he intended to teach in this chapter though. Not that I disagree with him, just that I can't bring myself to buy the mindset. Sure, I will stand up for myself next time, but not go so far as to take revenge and aim to destroy another human being. This does not apply if someone tries to steal BF though. BE WARNED.

So I won't talk so much about this chapter. If you like the idea, go buy 'Think Big' and read for yourself.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Donald Trump & Bill Zanker : THINK BIG Chapt 1 - 3

I've always heard of Donald Trump but all I knew was that he should be some big guy somewhere in this big world. He should be pretty rich too.

Now I know Donald Trump’s a REALLY REALLY rich guy with lots of properties, golf course, television shows and even a football team to his name. He's generally highly confident, a good man and a loyal friend. Trump would, however, make a terrible husband and has a nasty attitude.

'Think Big' is a New York Times Bestseller and I personally think it is basically for people who already have a certain direction in life: That they are not going to work for anybody. They will owe a business, or a few businesses and people are going to work for them. Either that or you are already someone successful who wants to be even more successful even if it makes you look mean. Don’t waste your time reading it if you intend to stay employed or do freelancing jobs all your life. You won’t see eye to eye with the book and its authors. If I were to throw 'Think Big' to my mother or anybody else who spent more than half their lives working for others, they’ll probably think the book is leading me onto dangerous unknown paths.

'Think Big' is co-written with Bill Zanker, another big business owner who goes around the world doing expos and teaching people what schools don’t teach. I figured you could Google these two big personalities yourself so I won’t bother covering them now.

Trump talked about passion in ‘Think Big’:

‘Passion gives you the intestinal fortitude you need to never give up.’

I couldn’t agree more with him. I’ve found out that Lack Of Passion is one of the main reasons why I couldn’t force myself to stay in YEO’s any longer. I like the people I like the job. I have interest in it no doubt. But liking a job isn’t enough. How do you actually go on to do something for 10 hours a day when you have no passion for it? I’m not happy and I’m not excelling. For someone with such varied and vast number of different interests, passion is what sets one apart from another.

After 10 hours of work, I could make myself travel for more than an hour all the way back to school to join the juniors for their Wushu training. Passion is the driving reason why till this day, even after 10 years, I am still training in Wushu. It’s stimulating and satisfying. I feel happy and free in my Wushu shoes and pants. Sometimes I even think I can fly (It’s weird why I never excelled in jumps). Get me to go down to the stadiums to oversee a soccer match (part of my job) and most of the time I am counting down to the last hour where I can leave. Have it coincide with a Wushu training day and I’ll feel I’m having an especially awful week. I sincerely thought I had the determination to last for two year but I’m emotionally extreme and life got exceedingly miserable for me very quickly. My bosses think I had good potential but I was dawdling and oblivious. I wasn’t like that. It was a period of time I had a lot of doubts and felt I am mismanaging my life. I had to leave and ‘reset’ myself and I’m glad I’ve made the right decision.

‘Do what feels good’ ‘Never give up’ – Donald Trump ‘Think Big’

Compared to many other fellow practitioners, I am probably a failure, having put so many hours into training yet my best is only silver in the nationals. Age is catching up yet I don’t think I will stop anytime soon. I am still training and maintaining my form while many of my peers have stopped and given up. I love Wushu and I love the art’s beauty. Medals are not as important compared to passion. As long as I don’t stop, who knows, I may get a Gold somewhere someday! Or maybe a student can win one for me! Thinking Big!
I’m only learning how to apply all these to the work I am embarking now. I tend to be hot-headed and rush into new interests. This time I took efforts to ensure that with I am doing now is in line with what I know I would be interested in for a long time. How do I know? Simply imagine if one day your business stops earning you money, or if you become so busy you only get to sleep 4 hours a week, would you still continue doing what you love doing now? If the answer is yes, congrats, you have found your passion. Hopefully, as I get better in it, as I get more confident in it, it’ll become a passion the way Wushu became for me.

‘Know your business inside and out, get all the facts, ask people their opinions, and then go with your gut.’ – Donald Trump ‘Think Big’

Up till now, the reason why I haven’t really quoted Zanker is not because he hasn’t really written anything good, but because he seems more like a commenter backing Trump’s words. His writings take up maybe about 7% of the 'Think Big' , probably that’s why you only see Trump pointing at you from the book and not Zanker and Trump doing it together.

Sometimes you know your business and facts on the tip of your finger. Then you go ask around for opinions and when you’re done asking, you’re also convinced you are wrong.

This happened to me several times before. Of course I’ve wiser up to know who to ask. But at the same time, it is also important to trust yourself and your gut. Women have better instincts and I dare say 80% of the time I follow my gut, especially in the case of directions and people’s character, I’m right (50% of the time I really don’t know the odds). Sometimes all the facts could be pointing you in one direction but your gut points you in another. If your gut have proven itself right many times before, do Trump’s advise and follow it. You won’t be far off.

I personally think however, one should take Trump’s 'Think Big' words to a certain extent. Trump is talking about business here and having my own ups and downs, I am uncertain how my instincts work here so I’ll probably follow his advice. However, I wouldn’t do the same when it comes to good selection or BF’s instincts on directions. We get it wrong most of the time and if your instincts always get you losing stocks, I think it’s best to let someone else professional handle it for you.

There are altogether 10 chapters in 'Think Big' and here I’m through 3. These are just some quotes which I feel more for. It’s a really good book so get it if you want to start setting higher standards for yourself. Will talk more about the book later in the week.


This blog will begin blogging posts on Books (Surprise BF!)

After a month of hiatus (except for that very brief note I left a week back), I’m finally back with the intention of writing a full post. BF has been very supportive of the works I am getting on now and while I sink into self doubt on certain days, he has really big unwavering confidence in me that I will succeed.  For the past one year of my life he has always been there for me, very kind and very supportive. I always thank God for bringing us together.

One of the big ways he has been helping me and boosting my confidence since I left my full time job is to get me to read books. Now, I never liked the idea of reading until one month ago when he cleverly passed me a book that relates to the path I am taking now. At that point of time, I had just came back from church camp (I should seriously blog about it) and was at a low point realising my dad really wasn’t into iPho at all. I decided there is no point going ahead anymore since the main objective was to get him out of his tiring freelance job. BF’s real smart to get me to read the right book at the right time. I was looking for an answer as to the path I should walk on, and the book showed the direction I should charge into.

So in a short period of one month, from reading only compulsory textbooks in 22 years of my life, I have now completed reading 4 books ( of which 2 I actually choose from MPH myself – BF bought it =P). I am currently on my way to completing my 5th book. So I thought since I’ve began reading, I should start sharing my thoughts on these books yea? Hopefully someone may find some use for my sharing one day and begin aiming for success in life, which I am doing now.

I’m not going to share one whole book in one post coz frankly; I read the way a Slow Morris climbs. I hope they are slower than snails because the speed a snail move is not slow enough to describe the speed I read. By the time I am at the end of the book, I’ve probably almost forgotten what I read at the beginning (that’s why I got to buy the book and refer).

So for future posts that talks about the books, I am only going to talk about interesting chapters or parts of the book which I have read for the day. There is an exception for the first book I’m blogging though. I am already finishing it, but for the benefit of anyone who chance upon this blog, I’m going to start covering from the beginning.

We’ll see how it goes yea!

Book I’m on now: Think Big by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker

Yea… this is the kind of books BF makes me read. He’s gonna train me to be richer than him.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You know I am into something

When I go hautius on my blog!

I shall not talk too much about it.. so here's the gist.

I am exploring internest business and aiming to earn $5K a month.


And i'm gonna get busy now.. so long!